Frequently Asked Questions

  • Enter the details of your claim in our claims form (pick one up 
    at any of our branches or request one by calling our customer care unit 
    or download one form here).
  • Double check all information has been entered correctly and that you have signed and dated the form.
  • Submit the claims form, either by post or through any of our branches.
  • Wait for us to advise you our requirements to substantiate the claim.
  • Send in the claim support documents.

Wait for us to hear news of your settlement.

Union Commercial Insurance Brokers Banks with he following banks.

Account Name: Union Commercial Insurance Brokers
–  First Bank Account Number: 10000 93403
–  Access Bank Account Number: 00266 62055
–  GT Bank Account Number: 0075 55311

Union Commercial Insurance Brokers continues to provide the latest methods for our clients to interact with us through this medium.

One of the many ways we have enabled ease of provision of our Insurance products is through the implementation of Payment Processors for Verve, Mastercard and Visa Cards.

All transactions are done on a secured site controlled by our payment processor.

Before you can use our online payment service, you will be required to create a login user account on the website. Your email address being your username and a password provided.

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