Employer’s Liability

To pay compensation in respect of bodily injury caused solely and directly by accident violent external and visible means resulting in death, permanent disablement, temporary and reasonable medical expenses.

Marine Insurance policy is a cover for a ship owner or business venture bringing in goods (import or export) in and out of the country. The policy is to provide cover for all forms of risks that may befall the goods while on voyage on the high sea or in the Air.

Engineering Insurance is wide in nature covering different risks associated to a specific process, equipments plants etc. Engineering Insurance package covers:

  1. Plants/machinery breakdown
  2. Erection all risks
  3. Contractor all risks
  4. Electronic /Electrical equipment etc
  5. Construction etc

This is a class of policy mainly for private residence. The policy covers is arrange under different sections for all types of risks that one can think of in private environments e.g. the building, contents, All risks for goods such as jewelries, phones, loss of rent, compensation for death of the insured etc.

This policy covers all risk of loss, physical damage, or destruction or any misfortune to goods whilst in transit either in the insured own vehicle or hired vehicle.

This policy covers all risk of loss or damage to the property insured by any accident or misfortune.

The policy indemnifies the insured against all direct pecuniary loss sustained by act of fraud or dishonesty committed by any of the insured’s employees.

Indemnity to the insured against liability at law for damages and claimant’s cost and expenses in respect of Death, Bodily Injury to third parties damages to third parties property happening during the period of Insurance in connection with the insured business.

This insurance covers all risks of loss or destruction of money in the circumstances or situation in the schedule of the policy.

Scope: Unforeseen and sudden damage to the insured machinery from such as:

  1. Faulty materials,
  2. designed, construction
  3. erection vibration,
  4. maladjustment
  5. misalignment etc

Consequential loss resulting from:

  1. Fire, lighting, bush fire, explosion, earthquake, fire, stock, Aircraft and impact (including by own vehicle?
  2. Tornado, flood, windstorm, Hurricane or cyclone bursting and over flowing of tanks and apparatus
  3. Riot, strike and malicious damage
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