Medical Insurance provides for hospitalization expenses in the event of an illness/disease or accidental injury. Such insurance may cover some or all of the expenses of hospitalization, surgery, physician’s fees, drugs/medicines, laboratory tests, x-rays and other diagnostic procedures.

One of the attractive employee benefits options, group life cover reassures your employees that should they die, their families and dependants will be cared for.
An unexpected death can have far-reaching consequences at a time of considerable stress, with families facing funeral and other expenses. In many cases, they are left having to pay off outstanding financial commitments or debts, and often have to contend with a sizeable drop in income.

Key benefits 
Provides cover to employees 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Provides financial support to the dependants of the employee
Any lump sum payable to dependants is not subject to Inheritance Tax
All causes of death are covered

Group critical illness cover can provide a lump sum payment to allow your employee and their family to solve some of the financial problems that may occur as a result of a critical illness or surgical procedure – including adjustments to the home, paying off the mortgage or the cost of medical expenses.
The lump sum is tax-free and is payable providing the employee survives for a defined period following the critical illness event.

Key benefits

  • Can provide cover for the most commonly suffered critical illnesses only (including cancer, heart attack and stroke) and can also be extended to other conditions
  • Once a claim is made the employee will still be covered for all other named conditions but not for that specific (or related) condition
  • Employees can use the lump sum provided to help towards any expense they choose, such as treatment costs, nursing care, financial commitments or changes required to home or lifestyle as a result of serious illness
  • Added value benefits such as a second medical opinion service to help ensure that the diagnosis of the suggested treatments is correct
  • Automatically covers children of the employee (naturally or legally adopted) aged between 6 months and 18 years, at no extra cost

If you employ staff overseas on short business trips or for longer secondments, you know how important it is to ensure they have the correct level of healthcare cover.
Having the wrong health insurance policy can leave your employees vulnerable and your business exposed. Costs of treatment vary dramatically between countries and repatriation or medical evacuation can cost many thousands of pounds regardless of location.

UCIB has a specialist team of advisers who can work with you to ensure the appropriate level of international health insurance services are available to your employees travelling or working abroad.

Key benefits

  • Reduce the risk of paying for expensive medical treatment abroad
  • Peace of mind of knowing that treatment is available promptly
  • Covers the cost of medical evacuation
  • Can cover prescribed medicines, even long term prescriptions. Pregnancy and childbirth may also be covered
  • 24 hours, 7 days a week support and information

A dental policy can pay for both routine and preventative dental care and covers employees in case of more serious and costly accidents and injuries.

Dental charges vary depending on the treatment you need to keep your mouth, teeth and gums healthy. A very cost-effective way of looking after your employee’s dental health is to implement dental insurance.

Dental policy benefits will normally ensure a large contribution towards many common dental costs, whether treatment is provided privately or by the NHIS.

Key benefits

  • Freedom of choice – you will choose an Hospital in your choice area.
  • Affordable premiums covering both routine and emergency dentistry.
  • Cover available for Oral Cancer.
  • Some plans cover pre-existing conditions and do not require pre-enrollment checks.
  • Worldwide dental injury and dental emergency cover available.

Prompt attention, quality treatment and a quick return to work make private medical insurance a highly valued benefit for Individuals, employees and employers.

Ensuring you have the right policy takes time and experience. UCIB has vast experience in the Healthcare market and we are independently owned, so we deal with all major insurers to make sure the correct solutions are provided.

Key benefits
Prompt treatment so members can be returned to health as quickly as possible

  • A high value employee benefit to aid recruitment and staff retention
  • Minimizes sickness absence
  • Reassurance of knowing that treatment is available promptly
  • Flexibility to choose who provides treatment, where and when you have your treatment.

UCIB Health care team provides expert reviews and source competitive solutions tailored specifically to the needs and budget of our clients. Our established team with many years of experience are here to advise, support and assist with all inquiries, in a personal, caring and professional manner.

Speak to us Today, whether you are an individual or a family, we  can help you arrange a comprehensive Health plan that can give you a rest of mind.

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