Travel Insurance

While you are outside your country of residence, our Travel Insurance policies covers you for risks associated with travelling.


What We Cover

While travelling on holiday or on a business trip, one is exposed to certain risks such as lost luggage, unforeseen medical problems, accidental death, loss of personal money, loss of travel documents, etc.
Travel insurance is the all-in-one insurance policy that is the solution to all these problems.

Medical Expenses

Emergency medical expenses are covered for you when you are outside your country of residence. So you have nothing to worry about.

Loss of Luggage

You are cover for passport, driving license, National ID Card while abroad. We will compensate for loss of luggage and other valuables

What you stand to Gain

Medical expenses and hospitalisation abroad during the period of cover

Compensation for in-flight loss of checked-in baggage

Emergency return home following death of close family member

Trip cancellation expenses & Compensation for delayed departure

Making a Claim

Notify Us

Notify us via our hotline or go to Claims Section to file your claim or send an email to


Our dedicated claims team will help you access medical, legal and other personal assistance

Access Care/Support

Receive medical assistance or other support as normal. 

Get value

for your expenses
in claims

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