Different classes of Insurance have been tailored to meet your 
personal and family needs.

Mortgage insurance provides coverage in the event of a borrower’s death  before paying off their mortgage. This also protects the homeowner from loss due to damage from fire, flood or other disaster.)

Who is Mortgage Insurance for?
Mortgage Insurance can be taken by Homeowners/Borrowers who used their property as collateral to secure loan. Insurance will be effected should the borrower dies or becomes permanently disable before paying back  the loan and accrued interest  in full or should the building be damaged by fire, flood, and other disaster. The Insurance company helps the borrowers to offset the balance.
–  Date of Birth
–  Sum  Assured
–  Duration of the policy
–  Life Assured

Have you ever stopped to think about what would happen if you were to pass away unexpectedly? How might your loved ones pay for your funeral, or take care of your unpaid bills, without needing to liquidate your assets?

Real Final Expenses Insurance is value for money funeral insurance that makes life a little easier for your loved ones at a very distressing time. So they can say goodbye with financial assistance to pay for your funeral and other unexpected final costs.

You are eligible to take this plan if you are under the age of 60, age of 75 for parents and in-law. If death occur within three months of effecting cover, payment will not be made except death is as a result of accident

–  Date of Birth
–  Sum  Assured
–  Duration of the policy
–  Life Assured

Some things you should know
–  It covers burial expenses
–  Premium payment stops at age 60 but cover will be provided for the whole life
–  No cash value during the policy term
– The Maximum Sum Assured is N1,000,000
–  Cover maybe be extended to spouse, parents and in-law
–  Death cover for parents and in-laws is maximum of 50% of the holder’s cover
–  To await for three months during which if death occurs, there will only be refund of premium, except death is as a result of accident.

Nobody wants to think about losing a loved one, but if, “God forbid” something should happen to a family bread winner of your family, your family might be in serious financial troubles. This is why family income insurance  is such a good idea to put family investments in.

How Family Income Works

Family income insurance is a monthly income that continues at the level specified in a policyholder’s policy in the case the policyholder dies during the currency of the policy. The monthly income will continue until the predetermined date of termination. At the end of the policy term the beneficiary, along with the monthly incomes they received, will get the face value of the policy in a lump sum.

Family income insurance is very common among families with children. It is a type of life insurance that assures the family, more specifically, the children, will continue to have a form of income in the event of a parent’s death.


–  Date of Birth
–  Occupation
–  Duration of the Policy
–  Sum Insured
–  Beneficiary(s)

In planning for your children’s education funds, there are some factors to consider: where would you like them to further their studies, when will they need the money, your current financial situation and your risk appetite. The earlier you start the plan, the lesser you are required to outlay in premium.
Endowment insurance provides both protection and savings. The policy normally pays the sum insured and any accrued bonuses you have built up at the end of the set period of time (maturity date; usually the commencement of the level of education you have designed for your child or when you die or become totally or permanently disable at an earlier date )
–  Date of Birth
–  Occupation
–  Duration of the Policy
–  Sum Insured
–  Beneficiary(s)

An accident can wallop at anytime. It takes only a second… but the effects can last a lifetime! It may affect your earning capability, which would impact the lives of all family members.  In such cases it is utmost important to ensure that you and your family do not have to face additional burden of managing your day-to-day basic needs.

Personal Accident insurance is designed, keeping in mind the medical needs of a person facing an accident anywhere in the world.  There is coverage for permanent(Sum Insured) or temporary disablement (a percent of the sum insured) as stated in the plan’s conditions. Furthermore, the coverage limit, in case of disablement, also depends upon bodily injuries.

You can either take a Personal Accident policy for yourself or a group policy for your family, protecting you and them anywhere in the world, anytime of the day. it provides 24- 7 worldwide insurance protection.

The scope of cover and scale of benefits differ between insurance companies and you should therefore ensure that you purchase a policy which meets your requirements. The types of coverage normally provided under a Personal Accident policy include:

        –  Accidental death
        –  Permanent disablement
        –  Temporary total or partial disablement
        –  Medical expenses
        –  Corrective surgery
        –  Hospitalizations benefits

You worked harder, longer and saved every penny to give yourself and your loved ones the security of a home – A home that you could call your own. It’s only understandable that you should want to secure your most important asset from any possible kind of natural or man-made catastrophe. After all, homes are not built everyday

Your home is generally exposed to the major perils such as fire, lightning, explosions, earthquakes, storms, floods, riots, strikes, malicious damage or vandalism, impact by aircraft, vehicles or animals, escape of water or leakage of oil, theft or attempted theft, falling of trees, or radio and television aerials, and other accidental damage.

You may also be liable for any personal injuries to your domestic servants, or third party damage to the property or building you occupy as a tenant.

Whether you are a Landlord or a tenant we can help you search among some of the Nigeria’s leading insurance companies to arrange competitive cover that will suits your need.

a.    Landlord’s Insurance (House Owner Policy)
Your insurance cover could include property damage, accidental damage by tenants, and much more.

Key covers

  •          –  Buildings & contents insurance
  •          –  Loss-of-rent insurance
  •          –  Employer’s, public & property-owner’s liability insurance
  •          –  Fire & special perils
  •          –  Legal expenses cover
  •          –  Personal Accident
  Target markets
–  Residential property owners and landlords (such as buy-to-let)
        –  Commercial property owners and landlords.

b.  House Holder’s Insurance (Insurance Policy for Tenants)
Your home and everything in it are probably your most important assets. So you naturally want the peace of mind of knowing you have it all covered.

You may be looking for insurance for your house, your contents or both, UCIB can shop around and will do our best to save you money. And thanks to our relationships with insurers, we can search for  policies which meets your precise personal needs.

Key Covers

         –  Contents
         –  Liability on stolen credit cards
         –  Accidental injury
         –  Personal possessions worldwide such as phones and cameras
         –  People working from home
         –  Generators.

Speak to us Today, We will be able to make the recommendations based on your current financial situation, preferences, objectives, risk appetite and time horizon.

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