Travel Insurance - Worldwide


Travel Insurance – Worldwide


Travel insurance policy for all destinations worldwide, with the exception of countries within europe

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This cover offers cover on medical, financial and other losses incurred while travelling outside the country of residence. It covers all travelers for holiday and business purposes in the event of accidents, sickness or loss of property.

Also, Travel health insurance is meant for travelers going on international journey outside their country of residence. Union Commercial travel insurance policy has been sourced from the best insurance providers and is designed in line with the requirements of various embassies to cover travel health related costs that might arise during any international journey.

Thus, this policy covers the insured whilst travelling outside the borders of Nigeria as a fare paying passenger in a fully licensed standard type of Aircraft against bodily injury as a result of accident resulting into.

Loss of luggage
Medical Expenses
Permanent Disability


It is a full package insurance to fulfill the needs of the travelling public and complies with immigration authorities of all destination countries


This option (Travel Insurance Worldwide) covers travelers visiting countries excluding country of residence- USA, Canada, Austria and Japan.



The policy provides the following benefits:

Medical Expenses and Hospitalization Abroad                               €30,000 Excess €50

Emergency Medical Evacuation                                                         €30,000

Emergency Dental Care                                                                       €1,000  Excess €50

Repatriation of family member travelling with the insured         €2,000

Emergency return home following death of close relative            €2,000

Repatriation of mortal remains                                                          €5,000

Cancellation or Curtailment

Trip Cancellation Expenses                                                                 €1,000 Excess €70

Medical & Emergency Assistance

Repatriation after treatment                                                               30,000 Euros

Personal Assistance Services

24 Hours Assistance Services                                                             Covered

Losses & Delays

Location and forwarding of personal effects                                    Covered

Personal Accident in means of Public Transport

Accidental Death occurred in means of public transport               €30,000


The combined limit of cover for all the above is 30,000 Euros






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